Simbody  3.7
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4 /* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *
5  * Simbody(tm): SimTKcommon *
6  * -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *
7  * This is part of the SimTK biosimulation toolkit originating from *
8  * Simbios, the NIH National Center for Physics-Based Simulation of *
9  * Biological Structures at Stanford, funded under the NIH Roadmap for *
10  * Medical Research, grant U54 GM072970. See *
11  * *
12  * Portions copyright (c) 2006-14 Stanford University and the Authors. *
13  * Authors: Michael Sherman *
14  * Contributors: *
15  * *
16  * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may *
17  * not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a *
18  * copy of the License at *
19  * *
20  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software *
21  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, *
22  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. *
23  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and *
24  * limitations under the License. *
25  * -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
27 #include "SimTKcommon/basics.h"
28 #include "SimTKcommon/Simmatrix.h"
32 #include <cassert>
34 namespace SimTK {
36 class System;
56 public:
57 class Guts; // local; name is Subsystem::Guts
58 friend class Guts;
62 Subsystem() : guts(0) {}
67 Subsystem(const Subsystem&);
70 Subsystem& operator=(const Subsystem&);
76 ~Subsystem();
88 QIndex allocateQ(State& s, const Vector& qInit) const
89 { return s.allocateQ(getMySubsystemIndex(), qInit); }
90 UIndex allocateU(State& s, const Vector& uInit) const
91 { return s.allocateU(getMySubsystemIndex(), uInit); }
92 ZIndex allocateZ(State& s, const Vector& zInit) const
93 { return s.allocateZ(getMySubsystemIndex(), zInit); }
97 { return s.allocateDiscreteVariable(getMySubsystemIndex(), g, v); }
98 DiscreteVariableIndex allocateAutoUpdateDiscreteVariable
99  (State& s, Stage invalidates, AbstractValue* v, Stage updateDependsOn) const
101  (getMySubsystemIndex(),invalidates,v,updateDependsOn); }
102 CacheEntryIndex allocateCacheEntry
103  (const State& s, Stage dependsOn, Stage computedBy, AbstractValue* v) const
104 { return s.allocateCacheEntry
105  (getMySubsystemIndex(), dependsOn, computedBy, v); }
107 CacheEntryIndex allocateCacheEntry
108  (const State& state, Stage g, AbstractValue* v) const
109 { return allocateCacheEntry(state, g, g, v); }
110 CacheEntryIndex allocateLazyCacheEntry
111  (const State& state, Stage earliest, AbstractValue* v) const
112 { return allocateCacheEntry(state, earliest, Stage::Infinity, v); }
114 QErrIndex allocateQErr(const State& s, int nqerr) const
115 { return s.allocateQErr(getMySubsystemIndex(), nqerr); }
116 UErrIndex allocateUErr(const State& s, int nuerr) const
117 { return s.allocateUErr(getMySubsystemIndex(), nuerr); }
118 UDotErrIndex allocateUDotErr(const State& s, int nudoterr) const
119 { return s.allocateUDotErr(getMySubsystemIndex(), nudoterr); }
121 allocateEventTriggersByStage(const State& s, Stage g, int ntriggers) const
122 { return s.allocateEventTrigger(getMySubsystemIndex(),g,ntriggers); }
124 const Vector& getQ(const State& s) const
125 { return s.getQ(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
126 const Vector& getU(const State& s) const
127 { return s.getU(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
128 const Vector& getZ(const State& s) const
129 { return s.getZ(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
130 const Vector& getUWeights(const State& s) const
131 { return s.getUWeights(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
132 const Vector& getZWeights(const State& s) const
133 { return s.getZWeights(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
135 Vector& updQ(State& s) const {return s.updQ(getMySubsystemIndex());}
136 Vector& updU(State& s) const {return s.updU(getMySubsystemIndex());}
137 Vector& updZ(State& s) const {return s.updZ(getMySubsystemIndex());}
139 const Vector& getQDot (const State& s) const
140 { return s.getQDot(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
141 const Vector& getUDot (const State& s) const
142 { return s.getUDot(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
143 const Vector& getZDot (const State& s) const
144 { return s.getZDot(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
145 const Vector& getQDotDot(const State& s) const
146 { return s.getQDotDot(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
148 Vector& updQDot (const State& s) const
149 { return s.updQDot(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
150 Vector& updUDot (const State& s) const
151 { return s.updUDot(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
152 Vector& updZDot (const State& s) const
153 { return s.updZDot(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
154 Vector& updQDotDot(const State& s) const
155 { return s.updQDotDot(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
157 const Vector& getQErr(const State& s) const
158 { return s.getQErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
159 const Vector& getUErr(const State& s) const
160 { return s.getUErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
161 const Vector& getQErrWeights(const State& s) const
162 { return s.getQErrWeights(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
163 const Vector& getUErrWeights(const State& s) const
164 { return s.getUErrWeights(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
166 const Vector& getUDotErr(const State& s) const
167 { return s.getUDotErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
168 const Vector& getMultipliers(const State& s) const
169 { return s.getMultipliers(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
170 const Vector& getEventTriggersByStage(const State& s, Stage g) const
171 { return s.getEventTriggersByStage(getMySubsystemIndex(),g); }
173 Vector& updQErr(const State& s) const
174 { return s.updQErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
175 Vector& updUErr(const State& s) const
176 { return s.updUErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
177 Vector& updUDotErr(const State& s) const
178 { return s.updUDotErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
179 Vector& updMultipliers(const State& s) const
180 { return s.updMultipliers(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
182 { return s.updEventTriggersByStage(getMySubsystemIndex(),g); }
184 SystemQIndex getQStart(const State& s) const
185 { return s.getQStart(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
186 int getNQ(const State& s) const
187 { return s.getNQ(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
189 SystemUIndex getUStart(const State& s) const
190 { return s.getUStart(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
191 int getNU(const State& s) const
192 { return s.getNU(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
194 SystemZIndex getZStart(const State& s) const
195 { return s.getZStart(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
196 int getNZ(const State& s) const
197 { return s.getNZ(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
200 { return s.getQErrStart(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
201 int getNQErr(const State& s) const
202 { return s.getNQErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
205 { return s.getUErrStart(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
206 int getNUErr(const State& s) const
207 { return s.getNUErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
210 { return s.getUDotErrStart(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
211 int getNUDotErr(const State& s) const
212 { return s.getNUDotErr(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
215 { return s.getMultipliersStart(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
216 int getNMultipliers(const State& s) const
217 { return s.getNMultipliers(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
220 { return s.getEventTriggerStartByStage(getMySubsystemIndex(),g); }
221 int getNEventTriggersByStage (const State& s, Stage g) const
222 { return s.getNEventTriggersByStage(getMySubsystemIndex(),g); }
225 // For convenience.
226 void setQ(State& s, const Vector& q) const {
227  SimTK_ASSERT(q.size() == getNQ(s), "Subsystem::Guts::setQ()");
228  updQ(s) = q;
229 }
230 void setU(State& s, const Vector& u) const {
231  SimTK_ASSERT(u.size() == getNU(s), "Subsystem::Guts::setU()");
232  updU(s) = u;
233 }
234 void setZ(State& s, const Vector& z) const {
235  SimTK_ASSERT(z.size() == getNZ(s), "Subsystem::Guts::setZ()");
236  updZ(s) = z;
237 }
239 Stage getStage(const State& s) const
240 { return s.getSubsystemStage(getMySubsystemIndex()); }
241 void advanceToStage(const State& s, Stage g) const
242 { s.advanceSubsystemToStage(getMySubsystemIndex(), g); }
244 const AbstractValue&
246 { return s.getDiscreteVariable(getMySubsystemIndex(), index); }
248 { return s.updDiscreteVariable(getMySubsystemIndex(), index); }
249 const AbstractValue& getCacheEntry(const State& s, CacheEntryIndex index) const
250 { return s.getCacheEntry(getMySubsystemIndex(), index); }
252 { return s.updCacheEntry(getMySubsystemIndex(), index); }
254 { return s.getDiscreteVarLastUpdateTime(getMySubsystemIndex(),dx); }
257 { return s.getDiscreteVarUpdateIndex(getMySubsystemIndex(),dx); }
258 const AbstractValue&
260 { return s.getDiscreteVarUpdateValue(getMySubsystemIndex(),dx); }
263 { return s.updDiscreteVarUpdateValue(getMySubsystemIndex(),dx); }
264 bool isDiscreteVarUpdateValueRealized
265  (const State& s, DiscreteVariableIndex dx) const
266 { return s.isDiscreteVarUpdateValueRealized(getMySubsystemIndex(),dx); }
267 void markDiscreteVarUpdateValueRealized
268  (const State& s, DiscreteVariableIndex dx) const
269 { return s.markDiscreteVarUpdateValueRealized(getMySubsystemIndex(),dx); }
271 bool isCacheValueRealized(const State& s, CacheEntryIndex cx) const
272 { return s.isCacheValueRealized(getMySubsystemIndex(), cx); }
274 { s.markCacheValueRealized(getMySubsystemIndex(), cx); }
276 { s.markCacheValueNotRealized(getMySubsystemIndex(), cx); }
288 inline const String& getName() const;
291 inline const String& getVersion() const;
294 inline bool isInSystem() const;
298 inline bool isInSameSystem(const Subsystem& otherSubsystem) const;
303 inline const System& getSystem() const;
307 inline System& updSystem();
310 inline void setSystem(System& system, SubsystemIndex subx);
314 inline SubsystemIndex getMySubsystemIndex() const;
317 inline bool isEmptyHandle() const {return guts==0;}
322 inline bool isSameSubsystem(const Subsystem& otherSubsystem) const
323 { return guts && (guts==otherSubsystem.guts); }
328 inline bool isOwnerHandle() const;
333 inline bool subsystemTopologyHasBeenRealized() const;
342 inline void invalidateSubsystemTopologyCache() const;
344 // Add a new Measure to this Subsystem. This method is generally used by Measure
345 // constructors to install a newly-constructed Measure into its Subsystem.
346 inline MeasureIndex adoptMeasure(AbstractMeasure&);
347 inline AbstractMeasure getMeasure(MeasureIndex) const;
348 template <class T> Measure_<T> getMeasure_(MeasureIndex mx) const
349 { return Measure_<T>::getAs(getMeasure(mx));}
351 // dynamic_cast the returned reference to a reference to your concrete Guts
352 // class.
353 const Subsystem::Guts& getSubsystemGuts() const {assert(guts); return *guts;}
354 Subsystem::Guts& updSubsystemGuts() {assert(guts); return *guts;}
356 // Put new Guts into this *empty* handle and take over ownership.
357 // If this handle is already in use, this routine will throw
358 // an exception.
359 void adoptSubsystemGuts(Subsystem::Guts* g);
361 explicit Subsystem(Subsystem::Guts* g) : guts(g) { }
362 bool hasGuts() const {return guts!=0;}
365 private:
366 // This is the only data member in this class. Also, any class derived from
367 // Subsystem must have *NO* data members at all (data goes in the Guts
368 // class).
369 Guts* guts;
370 };
372 } // namespace SimTK
374 #endif // SimTK_SimTKCOMMON_SUBSYSTEM_H_
SystemUErrIndex getUErrStart(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:204
const Vector & getMultipliers(SubsystemIndex) const
SystemYIndex getZStart() const
Returns the y index at which the z&#39;s begin. Callable at Model stage.
bool hasGuts() const
Obtain the Subsystem name if one was given on construction of the concrete Subsystem.
Definition: Subsystem.h:362
const Vector & getQ(SubsystemIndex) const
Per-subsystem access to the global shared variables.
A Subsystem is expected to be part of a larger System and to have interdependencies with other subsys...
Definition: Subsystem.h:55
Vector & updQ(SubsystemIndex)
const Vector & getQDot(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:139
Definition: SimTKcommon/include/SimTKcommon/internal/common.h:224
SystemMultiplierIndex getMultipliersStart(SubsystemIndex) const
const AbstractValue & getDiscreteVariable(SubsystemIndex, DiscreteVariableIndex) const
Get the current value of the indicated discrete variable.
Unique integer type for Subsystem-local uDotErr indexing.
SystemUDotErrIndex getUDotErrStart(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:209
bool isEmptyHandle() const
Return true if this handle has a null Subsystem::Guts pointer.
Definition: Subsystem.h:317
Vector & updZ(State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:137
int getNUErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:206
const Vector & getQDotDot(SubsystemIndex) const
Vector & updUDotErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:177
const Vector & getUWeights(SubsystemIndex) const
const Vector & getZWeights(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:132
void advanceSubsystemToStage(SubsystemIndex, Stage) const
Advance a particular Subsystem&#39;s current stage by one to the indicated stage.
DiscreteVariableIndex allocateDiscreteVariable(State &s, Stage g, AbstractValue *v) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:96
Unique integer type for Subsystem-local u indexing.
This is the top-level SimTK namespace into which all SimTK names are placed to avoid collision with o...
Definition: Assembler.h:37
QErrIndex allocateQErr(const State &s, int nqerr) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:114
const AbstractValue & getDiscreteVariable(const State &s, DiscreteVariableIndex index) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:245
Unique integer type for Subsystem-local uErr indexing.
Vector & updQ(State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:135
Unique integer type for Subsystem-local qErr indexing.
This class is basically a glorified enumerated type, type-safe and range checked but permitting conve...
Definition: Stage.h:66
const Vector & getQDotDot(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:145
const Vector & getUDotErr(SubsystemIndex) const
const Vector & getUDot(SubsystemIndex) const
const Vector & getUDot(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:141
void setQ(State &s, const Vector &q) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:226
#define SimTK_ASSERT(cond, msg)
Definition: ExceptionMacros.h:373
Vector & updUErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:175
Real getDiscreteVarLastUpdateTime(const State &s, DiscreteVariableIndex dx) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:253
void markCacheValueNotRealized(const State &s, CacheEntryIndex cx) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:275
int getNUDotErr() const
Return the total number nudotErr=mp+mv+ma of cache entries for acceleration-level constraint errors (...
const Vector & getMultipliers(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:168
UIndex allocateU(State &s, const Vector &uInit) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:90
CacheEntryIndex getDiscreteVarUpdateIndex(SubsystemIndex, DiscreteVariableIndex) const
For an auto-updating discrete variable, return the CacheEntryIndex for its associated update cache en...
Vector & updZDot(SubsystemIndex) const
This is the base class for all Measure handle classes.
Definition: Measure.h:151
SimTK_Real Real
This is the default compiled-in floating point type for SimTK, either float or double.
Definition: SimTKcommon/include/SimTKcommon/internal/common.h:606
int getNZ() const
Get total number of shared z&#39;s (auxiliary state variables).
ZIndex allocateZ(State &s, const Vector &zInit) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:92
SystemQIndex getQStart(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:184
This unique integer type is for indexing global "multiplier-like" arrays, that is, arrays that inherently have the same dimension as the total number of Lagrange multipliers in the full System-level view of the State.
const Vector & getQDot(SubsystemIndex) const
Per-subsystem access to the shared cache entries.
SystemQErrIndex getQErrStart(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:199
bool isSameSubsystem(const Subsystem &otherSubsystem) const
Determine if this Subsystem handle refers to the same Subsystem::Guts object as handle otherSubsystem...
Definition: Subsystem.h:322
This object is intended to contain all state information for a SimTK::System, except topological info...
Definition: State.h:280
const Vector & getU(SubsystemIndex) const
This file declares the base class AbstractMeasure for all derived Measure handle classes, and the handle classes for built-in Measures.
SystemYErrIndex getQErrStart() const
Returns the yErr index at which the qErr&#39;s begin. Callable at Instance stage.
const AbstractValue & getDiscreteVarUpdateValue(SubsystemIndex, DiscreteVariableIndex) const
For an auto-updating discrete variable, return the current value of its associated update cache entry...
int getNUDotErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:211
Vector & updU(State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:136
Vector & updEventTriggersByStage(const State &s, Stage g) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:181
SystemYIndex getUStart() const
Returns the y index at which the u&#39;s begin. Callable at Model stage.
const Vector & getZWeights(SubsystemIndex) const
const Vector & getQ(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:124
bool isCacheValueRealized(SubsystemIndex, CacheEntryIndex) const
Check whether the value in a particular cache entry has been recalculated since the last change to th...
AbstractValue & updDiscreteVariable(SubsystemIndex, DiscreteVariableIndex)
Get a writable reference to the value stored in the indicated discrete state variable dv...
Vector & updQErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:173
Vector & updU(SubsystemIndex)
const AbstractValue & getDiscreteVarUpdateValue(const State &s, DiscreteVariableIndex dx) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:259
Vector & updUErr(SubsystemIndex) const
bool isDiscreteVarUpdateValueRealized(SubsystemIndex, DiscreteVariableIndex) const
Check whether the update value for this auto-update discrete variable has already been computed since...
DiscreteVariableIndex allocateAutoUpdateDiscreteVariable(SubsystemIndex, Stage invalidates, AbstractValue *, Stage updateDependsOn)
This method allocates a DiscreteVariable whose value should be updated automatically after each time ...
Subsystem::Guts & updSubsystemGuts()
Obtain the Subsystem name if one was given on construction of the concrete Subsystem.
Definition: Subsystem.h:354
int getNQErr() const
Return the total number nqerr=mp+nQuaternions of cache entries for position-level constraint errors...
const Vector & getQErrWeights(SubsystemIndex) const
int getNMultipliers() const
Return the total number of constraint multipliers; necessarily the same as the number of acceleration...
Stage getStage(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:239
AbstractValue & updDiscreteVariable(State &s, DiscreteVariableIndex index) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:247
void markCacheValueRealized(SubsystemIndex, CacheEntryIndex) const
Mark the value of a particular cache entry as up to date after it has been recalculated.
SystemYIndex getQStart() const
Returns the y index at which the q&#39;s begin. Callable at Model stage.
SystemEventTriggerIndex getEventTriggerStartByStage(Stage) const
Return the index within the global event trigger array at which the first of the event triggers assoc...
const Vector & getU(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:126
This unique integer type is for indexing global "q-like" arrays, that is, arrays that inherently have...
const Vector & getUErr(SubsystemIndex) const
This unique integer type is for indexing global "qErr-like" arrays, that is, arrays that inherently h...
Unique integer type for Subsystem-local z indexing.
void advanceToStage(const State &s, Stage g) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:241
Vector & updQDotDot(SubsystemIndex) const
This unique integer type is for indexing global "uErr-like" arrays, that is, arrays that inherently h...
int getNQErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:201
const Vector & getUErrWeights(SubsystemIndex) const
bool isCacheValueRealized(const State &s, CacheEntryIndex cx) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:271
SystemMultiplierIndex getMultipliersStart(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:214
const AbstractValue & getCacheEntry(SubsystemIndex, CacheEntryIndex) const
Retrieve a const reference to the value contained in a particular cache entry.
const Vector & getQErrWeights(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:161
DiscreteVariableIndex allocateDiscreteVariable(SubsystemIndex, Stage invalidates, AbstractValue *)
The Stage supplied here in the call is the earliest subsystem stage which is invalidated by a change ...
Unique integer type for Subsystem-local q indexing.
Subsystem(Subsystem::Guts *g)
Obtain the Subsystem name if one was given on construction of the concrete Subsystem.
Definition: Subsystem.h:361
const Vector & getUErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:159
int getNU(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:191
The abstract parent of all Subsystem implementation classes.
Definition: SubsystemGuts.h:47
Vector & updQDotDot(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:154
Vector & updQDot(SubsystemIndex) const
Vector & updMultipliers(SubsystemIndex) const
const Vector & getQErr(SubsystemIndex) const
int getNZ(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:196
const Vector & getUWeights(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:130
Higher than any legitimate Stage.
Definition: Stage.h:79
Vector & updQErr(SubsystemIndex) const
int getNMultipliers(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:216
EventTriggerByStageIndex allocateEventTriggersByStage(const State &s, Stage g, int ntriggers) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:121
int getNQ(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:186
Vector & updMultipliers(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:179
AbstractValue & updCacheEntry(SubsystemIndex, CacheEntryIndex) const
Retrieve a writable reference to the value contained in a particular cache entry. ...
This unique integer type is for identifying a triggered event within a particular Stage of the full S...
const Vector & getQErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:157
SystemEventTriggerByStageIndex getEventTriggerStartByStage(const State &s, Stage g) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:219
void markCacheValueNotRealized(SubsystemIndex, CacheEntryIndex) const
(Advanced) Normally cache entries are invalidated automatically, however this method allows manual in...
AbstractValue & updDiscreteVarUpdateValue(SubsystemIndex, DiscreteVariableIndex) const
For an auto-updating discrete variable, return a writable reference to the value of its associated up...
void setZ(State &s, const Vector &z) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:234
AbstractValue & updCacheEntry(const State &s, CacheEntryIndex index) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:251
const Vector & getZ(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:128
AbstractValue & updDiscreteVarUpdateValue(const State &s, DiscreteVariableIndex dx) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:262
SimTK::String is a plug-compatible std::string replacement (plus some additional functionality) inten...
Definition: String.h:62
const Subsystem::Guts & getSubsystemGuts() const
Obtain the Subsystem name if one was given on construction of the concrete Subsystem.
Definition: Subsystem.h:353
Real getDiscreteVarLastUpdateTime(SubsystemIndex, DiscreteVariableIndex) const
Return the time of last update for this discrete variable.
Vector & updUDotErr(SubsystemIndex) const
const Vector & getEventTriggersByStage(const State &s, Stage g) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:170
void setU(State &s, const Vector &u) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:230
void markCacheValueRealized(const State &s, CacheEntryIndex cx) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:273
Declares the user-visible part of a SimTK::State, the implementation is done in a separate internal c...
Abstract base class representing an arbitrary value of unknown type.
Definition: Value.h:49
SystemYErrIndex getUErrStart() const
Returns the yErr index at which the uErr&#39;s begin. Callable at Instance stage.
This unique integer type is for indexing global "uDotErr-like" arrays, that is, arrays that inherentl...
int getNQ() const
Get total number of shared q&#39;s (generalized coordinates; second order state variables).
QErrIndex allocateQErr(SubsystemIndex, int nqerr) const
Allocate nqerr cache slots to hold the current error for position-level (holonomic) constraint equati...
SystemUIndex getUStart(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:189
This unique integer type is for selecting discrete variables.
const Vector & getEventTriggersByStage(Stage) const
This unique integer type is for indexing global "z-like" arrays, that is, arrays that inherently have...
Vector & updZDot(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:152
const Vector & getUDotErr(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:166
QIndex allocateQ(SubsystemIndex, const Vector &qInit)
Allocate generalized coordinates q, which are second order continuous state variables.
SystemZIndex getZStart(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:194
CacheEntryIndex getDiscreteVarUpdateIndex(const State &s, DiscreteVariableIndex dx) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:256
int size() const
Definition: VectorBase.h:396
This is the base class that serves as the parent of all SimTK System objects; most commonly Simbody&#39;s...
Definition: System.h:97
UIndex allocateU(SubsystemIndex, const Vector &uInit)
Allocate generalized speeds u, which are first order continuous state variables related to the deriva...
SystemUDotErrIndex getUDotErrStart(SubsystemIndex) const
Provide a unique integer type for identifying Subsystems.
QIndex allocateQ(State &s, const Vector &qInit) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:88
int getNU() const
Get total number of shared u&#39;s (generalized speeds; mobilities).
Vector & updEventTriggersByStage(Stage) const
Default constructor creates and empty handle with a null Subsystem::Guts pointer. ...
Definition: Subsystem.h:62
Measure_< T > getMeasure_(MeasureIndex mx) const
Obtain the Subsystem name if one was given on construction of the concrete Subsystem.
Definition: Subsystem.h:348
Vector & updUDot(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:150
UErrIndex allocateUErr(const State &s, int nuerr) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:116
void markDiscreteVarUpdateValueRealized(SubsystemIndex, DiscreteVariableIndex) const
Mark the update value for this auto-update discrete variable as up-to-date with respect to the state ...
ZIndex allocateZ(SubsystemIndex, const Vector &zInit)
Allocate auxiliary first order continuous state variables z.
const Vector & getUErrWeights(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:163
UDotErrIndex allocateUDotErr(const State &s, int nudoterr) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:118
This unique integer type is for selecting non-shared cache entries.
Vector & updZ(SubsystemIndex)
const Vector & getZDot(SubsystemIndex) const
This is the header which should be included in user programs that would like to make use of all the S...
Unique integer type for Subsystem-local, per-stage event indexing.
Vector & updUDot(SubsystemIndex) const
EventTriggerByStageIndex allocateEventTrigger(SubsystemIndex, Stage stage, int nevent) const
Allocate room for nevent witness function values that will be available at the indicated stage...
This unique integer type is for indexing global "u-like" arrays, that is, arrays that inherently have...
int getNEventTriggersByStage(const State &s, Stage g) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:221
Includes internal headers providing declarations for the basic SimTK Core classes.
const Stage & getSubsystemStage(SubsystemIndex) const
Vector & updQDot(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:148
const Vector & getZ(SubsystemIndex) const
UDotErrIndex allocateUDotErr(SubsystemIndex, int nudoterr) const
Allocate nudoterr cache slots to hold the current error for acceleration-level (acceleration-only, nonholonomic first derivative, and holonomic second derivative) constraint equations.
UErrIndex allocateUErr(SubsystemIndex, int nuerr) const
Allocate nuerr cache slots to hold the current error for velocity-level (nonholonomic and holonomic f...
This is the base handle class for all Measures whose value type is known, including all the Simbody b...
Definition: Measure.h:263
int getNUErr() const
Return the total number nuerr=mp+mv of cache entries for velocity-level constraint errors (including ...
const AbstractValue & getCacheEntry(const State &s, CacheEntryIndex index) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:249
CacheEntryIndex allocateCacheEntry(SubsystemIndex, Stage earliest, Stage latest, AbstractValue *value) const
There are two Stages supplied explicitly as arguments to this method: earliest and latest...
int getNEventTriggersByStage(Stage) const
Return the size of the partition of event trigger functions which are evaluated at a given Stage...
const Vector & getZDot(const State &s) const
Definition: Subsystem.h:143