Simbody  3.6
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4 /* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *
5  * Simbody(tm) *
6  * -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *
7  * This is part of the SimTK biosimulation toolkit originating from *
8  * Simbios, the NIH National Center for Physics-Based Simulation of *
9  * Biological Structures at Stanford, funded under the NIH Roadmap for *
10  * Medical Research, grant U54 GM072970. See *
11  * *
12  * Portions copyright (c) 2007-13 Stanford University and the Authors. *
13  * Authors: Michael Sherman *
14  * Contributors: Paul Mitiguy, Peter Eastman *
15  * *
16  * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may *
17  * not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a *
18  * copy of the License at *
19  * *
20  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software *
21  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, *
22  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. *
23  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and *
24  * limitations under the License. *
25  * -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
32 namespace SimTK {
45 public:
48  Ball() {}
55  Ball(MobilizedBody& parent, const Transform& X_PF,
56  const Body& bodyInfo, const Transform& X_BM, Direction=Forward);
60  Ball(MobilizedBody& parent, const Body& bodyInfo, Direction=Forward);
63  (void)MobilizedBody::addBodyDecoration(X_BD,g); return *this;
64  }
66  (void)MobilizedBody::addOutboardDecoration(X_MD,g); return *this;
67  }
69  (void)MobilizedBody::addInboardDecoration(X_FD,g); return *this;
70  }
73  (void)MobilizedBody::setDefaultInboardFrame(X_PF); return *this;
74  }
77  (void)MobilizedBody::setDefaultOutboardFrame(X_BM); return *this;
78  }
80  // This is just a nicer name for the generalized coordinate.
82  return setDefaultQ(R_FM.convertRotationToQuaternion());
83  }
84  Rotation getDefaultRotation() const {return Rotation(getDefaultQ());}
86  // This is used only for visualization.
87  Ball& setDefaultRadius(Real r);
88  Real getDefaultRadius() const;
90  // Generic default state Topology methods.
91  const Quaternion& getDefaultQ() const;
92  Ball& setDefaultQ(const Quaternion& q);
94  const Vec4& getQ(const State&) const;
95  const Vec4& getQDot(const State&) const;
96  const Vec4& getQDotDot(const State&) const;
97  const Vec3& getU(const State&) const;
98  const Vec3& getUDot(const State&) const;
100  void setQ(State&, const Vec4&) const;
101  void setU(State&, const Vec3&) const;
103  const Vec4& getMyPartQ(const State&, const Vector& qlike) const;
104  const Vec3& getMyPartU(const State&, const Vector& ulike) const;
106  Vec4& updMyPartQ(const State&, Vector& qlike) const;
107  Vec3& updMyPartU(const State&, Vector& ulike) const;
108  // hide from Doxygen
112 };
115 } // namespace SimTK
Ball & addBodyDecoration(const Transform &X_BD, const DecorativeGeometry &g)
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:62
MobilizedBody & setDefaultOutboardFrame(const Transform &X_BM)
Change this mobilizer's frame M fixed on this (the outboard) body B.
int addInboardDecoration(const Transform &X_FD, const DecorativeGeometry &geometry)
Add decorative geometry specified relative to the inboard mobilizer frame F attached to the parent bo...
Ball & addInboardDecoration(const Transform &X_FD, const DecorativeGeometry &g)
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:68
Rotation getDefaultRotation() const
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:84
The Body class represents a reference frame that can be used to describe mass properties and geometry...
Definition: Body.h:55
This is the top-level SimTK namespace into which all SimTK names are placed to avoid collision with o...
Definition: Assembler.h:37
QuaternionP convertRotationToQuaternion() const
Converts rotation matrix to an equivalent quaternion in canonical form (meaning its scalar element is...
SimTK_Real Real
This is the default compiled-in floating point type for SimTK, either float or double.
Definition: SimTKcommon/include/SimTKcommon/internal/common.h:606
Ball & addOutboardDecoration(const Transform &X_MD, const DecorativeGeometry &g)
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:65
MobilizedBody & setDefaultInboardFrame(const Transform &X_PF)
Change this mobilizer's frame F on the parent body P.
This object is intended to contain all state information for a SimTK::System, except topological info...
Definition: State.h:280
Rotation_< Real > Rotation
Definition: Rotation.h:47
int addBodyDecoration(const Transform &X_BD, const DecorativeGeometry &geometry)
Convenience method to add DecorativeGeometry specified relative to the new (outboard) body&#39;s referenc...
Definition: MobilizedBody.h:1504
This is a fixed-length column vector designed for no-overhead inline computation. ...
Definition: SimTKcommon/include/SimTKcommon/internal/common.h:618
Definition: PrivateImplementation.h:343
int addOutboardDecoration(const Transform &X_MD, const DecorativeGeometry &geometry)
Add decorative geometry specified relative to the outboard mobilizer frame M attached to body B...
Three mobilities – unrestricted orientation modeled with a quaternion which is never singular...
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:44
Default constructor provides an empty handle that can be assigned to reference any MobilizedBody::Bal...
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:48
Ball & setDefaultInboardFrame(const Transform &X_PF)
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:72
Constructors can take an argument of this type to indicate that the mobilizer is being defined in the...
Definition: MobilizedBody.h:181
This is the client-side interface to an implementation-independent representation of "Decorations" su...
Definition: DecorativeGeometry.h:86
This defines the MobilizedBody class, which associates a new body (the "child", "outboard", or "successor" body) with a mobilizer and a reference frame on an existing body (the "parent", "inboard", or "predecessor" body) that is already part of a SimbodyMatterSubsystem.
Definition: Simbody/include/simbody/internal/common.h:68
A MobilizedBody is Simbody&#39;s fundamental body-and-joint object used to parameterize a system&#39;s motion...
Definition: MobilizedBody.h:168
Ball & setDefaultOutboardFrame(const Transform &X_BM)
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:76
A Quaternion is a Vec4 with the following behavior:
Definition: Quaternion.h:41
Ball & setDefaultRotation(const Rotation &R_FM)
Definition: MobilizedBody_Ball.h:81