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SimTK::MatrixCommitment::Triangular Class Reference

This is the default commitment for a triangular matrix. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Triangular ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimTK::MatrixCommitment
 MatrixCommitment ()
 MatrixCommitment (const MatrixStructure &str)
 This is an implicit conversion from a MatrixStructure specification to a MatrixCommitment with storage, outline, and condition uncommitted. More...
MatrixCommitmentcommitSize (int m, int n)
MatrixCommitmentcommitNumRows (int m)
MatrixCommitmentcommitNumCols (int n)
MatrixCommitmentcommitBandwidth (int lb, int ub)
MatrixCommitmentcommitLowerBandwidth (int lb)
MatrixCommitmentcommitUpperBandwidth (int ub)
MatrixCommitmentcommitStructure (const MatrixStructure &s)
MatrixCommitmentcommitStorage (const MatrixStorage &s)
MatrixCommitmentcommitOutline (const MatrixOutline &o)
MatrixCommitmentcommitCondition (const MatrixCondition &c)
MatrixCharacter calcDefaultCharacter (int minNumRows, int minNumCols) const
 For any handle commitment, we can calculate a "best character" for an allocation that satisfies the commitment, optionally with an initial allocation size. More...
const MatrixStructuregetStructureCommitment () const
 These report the commitment as it was specified. More...
const MatrixStoragegetStorageCommitment () const
const MatrixOutlinegetOutlineCommitment () const
const MatrixConditiongetConditionCommitment () const
const MatrixStructure::MaskgetStructureMask () const
 These report the masks of acceptable values generated from the commitment. More...
const MatrixStorage::MaskgetStorageMask () const
const MatrixOutline::MaskgetOutlineMask () const
const MatrixCondition::MaskgetConditionMask () const
MatrixCharacter::Mask::SizeMask getNumRowsMask () const
MatrixCharacter::Mask::SizeMask getNumColsMask () const
MatrixCharacter::Mask::SizeMask getLowerBandwidthMask () const
MatrixCharacter::Mask::SizeMask getUpperBandwidthMask () const
int getDefaultNumRows () const
int getDefaultNumCols () const
bool isSizeOK (int m, int n) const
bool isSizeOK (const std::pair< int, int > &mn) const
bool isBandwidthOK (int lower, int upper) const
bool isSatisfiedBy (const MatrixCharacter &actual) const
bool isStructureOK (const MatrixStructure &s) const
bool isStorageOK (const MatrixStorage &s) const
bool isOutlineOK (const MatrixOutline &o) const
bool isConditionOK (const MatrixCondition &c) const
bool isResizeable () const
bool isFullyResizeable () const
bool isNumRowsLocked () const
bool isNumColsLocked () const
bool isStructureCommitted () const
bool isStorageCommitted () const
bool isOutlineCommitted () const
bool isConditionCommitted () const
void clear ()
 Set commitment s to "none" and masks to "uncommitted" for all characteristics. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SimTK::MatrixCommitment
 MatrixCommitment (const MatrixStructure &structure, const MatrixStorage &storage, const MatrixOutline &outline, const MatrixCondition &condition)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SimTK::MatrixCommitment
MatrixStructure structure
 These are the commitments as specified. More...
MatrixStorage storage
MatrixOutline outline
MatrixCondition condition
MatrixCharacter::Mask masks
 These are the bitmasks of acceptable characteristics which would satisfy the above-specified commitments. More...

Detailed Description

This is the default commitment for a triangular matrix.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Triangular()

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