Simbody  3.6
SimTK::MatrixCharacter::Vector Class Reference

Predefined MatrixCharacter for an ordinary column vector of a particular size. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Vector (int m)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimTK::MatrixCharacter
 MatrixCharacter ()
 Default constructor sets lengths to zero and the other characteristics to "none specified". More...
MatrixCharactersetToNone ()
 Restore this MatrixCharacter to its default-constructed state of "none". More...
int nrow () const
 These are dimensions of the logical matrix and have nothing to do with how much storage may be used to hold the elements. More...
int ncol () const
std::pair< int, int > getSize () const
ptrdiff_t nelt () const
int getLowerBandwidth () const
int getUpperBandwidth () const
std::pair< int, int > getBandwidth () const
const MatrixStructuregetStructure () const
const MatrixStoragegetStorage () const
const MatrixOutlinegetOutline () const
const MatrixConditiongetCondition () const
MatrixStructureupdStructure ()
MatrixStorageupdStorage ()
MatrixOutlineupdOutline ()
MatrixConditionupdCondition ()
MatrixCharactersetStructure (const MatrixStructure &sa)
MatrixCharactersetStorage (const MatrixStorage &sa)
MatrixCharactersetOutline (const MatrixOutline &oa)
MatrixCharactersetCondition (const MatrixCondition &ca)
MatrixCharactersetActualSize (int m, int n)
 Set the actual size and update the outline to match. More...
MatrixCharactersetActualNumRows (int m)
MatrixCharactersetActualNumCols (int n)
MatrixCharactersetBandwidth (int lb, int ub)
MatrixCharactersetLowerBandwidth (int lb)
MatrixCharactersetUpperBandwidth (int ub)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SimTK::MatrixCharacter
 MatrixCharacter (int m, int n, int lb, int ub, MatrixStructure structure, MatrixStorage storage, MatrixCondition condition)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SimTK::MatrixCharacter
int nr
 actual number of rows More...
int nc
 actual number of columns More...
int lband
 actual lower bandwidth, if banded More...
int uband
 actual upper bandwidth, if banded More...
MatrixStructure structure
MatrixStorage storage
MatrixOutline outline
MatrixCondition condition

Detailed Description

Predefined MatrixCharacter for an ordinary column vector of a particular size.

Note that standard vector storage allows for a "stride" greater than 1, but that is not considered part of the matrix character. Stride is dealt with separately.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Vector()

SimTK::MatrixCharacter::Vector::Vector ( int  m)

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