Simbody  3.6
SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent Class Reference

A event handler to terminate integration when geodesic hits the plane. More...

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Public Member Functions

 GeodHitPlaneEvent ()
 GeodHitPlaneEvent (const Plane &aplane)
Real getValue (const State &state) const override
 Get the value of the event trigger function for a State. More...
void handleEvent (State &state, Real accuracy, bool &shouldTerminate) const override
 This method is invoked to handle the event. More...
void setPlane (const Plane &aplane) const
const PlanegetPlane () const
const void setEnabled (bool enabledFlag)
const bool isEnabled ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimTK::TriggeredEventHandler
 TriggeredEventHandler (const TriggeredEventHandler &clone)
TriggeredEventHandleroperator= (const TriggeredEventHandler &clone)
virtual ~TriggeredEventHandler ()
 TriggeredEventHandler (Stage requiredStage)
 Construct a new TriggeredEventHandler. More...
EventTriggerInfogetTriggerInfo ()
 Get an EventTriggerInfo object which can be used to customize when the event occurs. More...
Stage getRequiredStage () const
 Get the stage at which the trigger function will be evaluated. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimTK::EventHandler
virtual ~EventHandler ()

Detailed Description

A event handler to terminate integration when geodesic hits the plane.

For use with a ParticleConSurfaceSystem

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GeodHitPlaneEvent() [1/2]

SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent::GeodHitPlaneEvent ( )

◆ GeodHitPlaneEvent() [2/2]

SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent::GeodHitPlaneEvent ( const Plane aplane)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getValue()

Real SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent::getValue ( const State ) const

Get the value of the event trigger function for a State.

Implements SimTK::TriggeredEventHandler.

◆ handleEvent()

void SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent::handleEvent ( State state,
Real  accuracy,
bool &  shouldTerminate 
) const

This method is invoked to handle the event.

It is given a State which describes the system at the time when the event occurs, and it is permitted to modify any aspect of the state except the time. In doing so, it should respect the specified accuracy requirements for the continuous variables and constraints.

stateThe state of the system when the event occurred. This method should modify state to reflect the changes caused by the event.
accuracyThe accuracy to which this simulation is being computed. If your handler performs any approximate operation it should do so consistent with the simulation accuracy.
shouldTerminateIf the event handler sets this to true, it will cause the simulation to terminate immediately. This does not necessarily indicate an error condition.

Implements SimTK::EventHandler.

◆ setPlane()

void SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent::setPlane ( const Plane aplane) const

◆ getPlane()

const Plane& SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent::getPlane ( ) const

◆ setEnabled()

const void SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent::setEnabled ( bool  enabledFlag)

◆ isEnabled()

const bool SimTK::GeodHitPlaneEvent::isEnabled ( )

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